q: what’s the deal with the pool?
a: it’s open 24/7, no unsupervised kids, no glass and no smoking. don’t do anything stupid.


q: i heard there’s a big hot tub..?
a: yes. it has a 10 person capacity. it may or may not be able to hold more than that – we can’t say much on the record other than it’s great. no kids under 13 allowed in the hot tub.


q: what will we eat?
a: this is a catered event with brunch and dinner served every day. light snacks will be available between meals in addition to a coffee & tea station.


q: will there be veggie/vegan meals?
a: yes indeed!


q: how about bacon? will there be bacon?
a: of course. and fresh french fries.


q: how will i be entertained?
a: let’s see.. where to start. there will be live music, djs, and much more. see the schedule for details.


q: when can i get there? when do i have to leave?
a: we’re pretty flexible on this. thursday afternoon is a nice time to arrive. departure times are pretty flexible, too – by dark on monday is fine.


q: where will i sleep?
a: in one of a few cabins we have, in a tent or rv. rv and tent spots are on sale now with tickets. we may a limited number of additional cabins available and will offer them up on a first come first served basis when we have the inventory locked down. folks who buy tickets early will get first priority on any additional cabins.


q: if i’m staying in a cabin do i need to bring my own sleeping bag/bedding & pillow?
a: nope, just a towel.


q: can i bring my kid(s)?
a: yes! this is a very family-friendly event. there is a designated area for kids during the daytime and we will be setting up an email list for all the parents. this year all parents will be required to run a 2 hour activity for the kids (broken up by age group). can be a nature hike, arts & crafts session, movie time, whatever you want. also new this year: from 4-6pm the pool area will be adults only.


q: how much is it for my kid to come?
a: it depends on age. check the ticket prices.


q: i need a ride! (or) i can give someone a ride!
a: yes! after you buy your ticket you will have access to the spreadsheet for ride sharing.


q: can i bring my dog/pet?
a: yes, if you have a nice dog that plays well with other dogs and little kids. dogs MUST be on leash when near the clubhouse or pool areas. no dogs inside the clubhouse – sorry.


q: can i bring my own booze?
a: yes but we ask that you don’t bring/drink it when you’re at the clubhouse or in the pool area. alcohol sales help our business stay afloat – we appreciate your understanding on this. it’s also against the law to bring outside alcohol into an area serviced by our very legal, ABC-licensed bar.


q: will you be providing alcohol?
a: yes, we will have a bartender at the bar starting around noon each day and through the night.


q: you got ice?
a: yep. lots of it. $4 for a 10 lb. bag.


q: you got wifi?
a: yep. both in the clubhouse and in the rv park.


q: can i smoke there?
a: yes but ONLY IN DESIGNATED AREAS. we are not messing around on this one as the fire danger in this area is very, very high. there will basically be a zero tolerance policy on this as it’s a huge safety risk. don’t mess this up – we reserve the right to prohibit all smoking during the event if people are violating the policy.


q: will we be able to make a fire at night?
a: unfortunately, no. due to fire danger there are no outdoor fires permitted in this area all summer long.


q: will we be able to use the kitchen?
a: unfortunately, no. the kitchen is being used by the staff to prepare our meals.


q: what should i bring?
a: headlamp, tent, airbed, bedding, pillow, ear plugs – the kinds of things you need when camping. sun screen, bug spray, tecnu, water bottle (no glass), favorite beverages, warm clothing in case it’s chilly at night, bathing suit, lawn games and costumes!


q: do i need to bring a printed ticket?
a: if you want but it’s not really necessary – we’ll have your name on a list at the gate.


q: can i volunteer?
a: yes please! please contact us if you’re interested in volunteering for fun or for a discounted ticket.


q: where will i park?
a: there is a ton of parking available. don’t worry.


q: can i bring my rv?
a: sure. we have a few rv spaces available with full hookups at each spot. just add an rv spot when you buy your ticket.


q: will my phone work?
a: if you have verizon, at&t or sprint then, yes it will work well. if you have t-mobile, not so much.


q: i’d like gluten-free meals!
a: all meals are served buffet-style, down to the individual ingredients (if possible). salads will be served as a salad bar, for example, allowing you to choose exactly you’re comfortable eating. if you want 100% vegetarian or vegan meals, sign up for them on the spreadsheet.


q: i have a question that isn’t on this list..?
a: ask away! we’re friendly.